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Soft Geometry Archívum

The Soft Geometry Archive was built up by Géza Perneczky in Cologne, Germany. The archive consists primarily of publications by artists since the 1970s and works from the art movements of late Fluxus, Mail Art, and visual and experimental poetry. The collection includes works by artists from all over the world, for instance Latin America and Japan. Works by East-European artists constitute about 25 percent of the content.



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Име на колекцията

  • The Soft Geometry Archives, Center for Artists' Publications / Weserburg

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  • международен


Дата на създаване

  • 1973

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  • completely open to the public


  • Perneczky, Géza (2004) NETWORK ATLAS, Works and Publications by the People of the First Network, A Historical Atlas for the Post-Fluxus Movements as Mail Art, Visual Poetry, Copy Art, Stamp Art & Other Relative Trends with Addresses, Projects, Publications & Exhibition Events (Unedited manuscript) Volume 1: A - N, Volume 2: O - Z, Soft Geometry, Cologne

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  • Beöthy, Balázs

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Perneczky, Géza, interview by Beöthy, Balázs, August 25, 2016. COURAGE Registry Oral History Collection

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