филтри ˆ

Spaller, Árpád 


Място на раждане

  • Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Дата на раждане

  • 1945


  • Jánosi, Csongor

Списък библиография

Interview with Spaller, Árpád, 2008. “«I can see that many refugees from Transylvania who migrated to Hungary remained in a bitter mood»: Conversation with Árpád Spaller, Vice President of Association of Hungarians from Transylvania (October 2008).” Regio – Minorities, Politics, Society 11 (2008): 178–188. Accessed June 24, 2018. http://epa.oszk.hu/00400/00476/00008/pdf/178-188.pdf.

Spaller, Árpád, and Katalin Spaller. 2006. Gyógypedagógiai ismeretek tára (A Compendium of Special Education Teaching Skills). Budapest: Timp Kiadó.

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