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Teige, Karel. Collages, 1935-1951.

The collection of Karel Teige’s surrealist collages consists of 312 collages made mostly during the Second World War. Those made after 1948 are a great example of the continuous presence of avant-garde art in post-war Czechoslovakia. The collages were purchased by the Museum of Czech Literature in 1972 from Teige’s relatives.



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  • Lomová, Johana

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Lahoda, Vojtěch, Karel Srp, and Rumjana Dačeva. 1994. Karel Teige. Surrealistické koláže 1935-1951 ze sbírek Památníku národního písemnictví v Praze = surrealist collages 1935-1951 from the collections of the Museum of National Literature in Prague. Praha: Středoevropská galerie a nakladatelství.

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