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Event (general): The HSTD collection is open to researchers

The Central Press Supervision Authority collection, now deposited in the Security Services Archive, was used by the Ministry of the Interior until 1990. Afterwards, the collection was made available to researchers and the first works using sources linked to censorship began to emerge.


Начална година на събитието

  • 1990

Основни актьори


  • Šámal, Petr

Списък библиография

Security Services Archive, Prague, Documentation on the collection 318 – Hlavní správa tiskového dohledu (Central Press Supervision Authority).

Tomášek, Dušan, and Karel Kaplan. 1994. O cenzuře v Československu v letech 1945–1956. Prague: Ústav pro soudobé dějiny AV ČR.

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