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CNSAS - Consiliul Național pentru Studierea Arhivelor Securității

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Дата на създаване

  • 1999

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  • Archive
  • Other

Операционен тип

  • Government/State organisation


  • Petrescu, Cristina

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Списък библиография

CNSAS. 2016. “The European Network of Official Authorities in Charge of Secret Police Files: A Reader on the Legal Foundations, Structures and Activities.” Accessed May 2. http://www.cnsas.ro/documente/reteaua%20EU/READER%20European%20Network.pdf

CNSAS. 2016. “Handbook of the European Network of Official Authorities in Charge of the Secret Police Files.” Accessed May 2. http://www.cnsas.ro/documente/reteaua%20EU/Handbook%20of%20the%20European%20Network.pdf

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Petrescu, Dragoș, interview by Petrescu, Cristina, May 05, 2016. COURAGE Registry Oral History Collection

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