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  • Местоположение:
    • Praha, Prague, Czech Republic

Zoltán Bubics was identified by the state security forces as the leader of Christian Community. He worked for a building industry company in Zalaegerszeg. According to the political police’s report, he participated in the Revolution of 1956 and he was one of the local organizers.

  • Местоположение:
    • Zalaegerszeg, Hungary
  • Местоположение:
    • Warszawa, Warsaw, Poland

Nevenka Budak Kulundžić was the wife of writer Zvonimir Kulundžić. After her husband's death (1994), she inherited his collection. In 2000, she donated the Collection to the State Archives in Osijek, with the proviso that the Archives ensure a Zvonimir Kulundžic memorial room , as he was a prominent intellectual born in Osijek.

  • Местоположение:
    • Zagreb, Croatia